How to Pick The Right Asphalt Paving Company

With so many companies on google, it can be overwhelming make the right decisions when it comes to choosing one the many asphalt paving contractors. We have been there and done, so we put together five helpful tips to consider when searching for the right asphalt paving company. 

Number 1 icon  Determine is your paving contractor has experience locally. 

At Corestone Paving and Construction, they have over 13 years of experience provide best in class asphalt paving contracting to Houston's residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Operating solely in the Houston area, they are familiar with the Texas heat and the affects it can have on asphalt paving. 

Number Two icon  Make sure the contractor offer free consultations. 

We don't subcontract out our asphalt paving jobs, therefore, we meet you face to face and take interest in your project. Whether your paving project is at your home, business, or is some large parking lot, we'll meet your there. Meeting with one of our seasoned professional asphalt estimators, you find that he or she will do a full inspection of the site and give you a complete project estimate for the work to be administered. We don't skimp on details with our proposal, we provide a complete breakdown of what the project will require along with a timeline. In addition we go over the project and materials with you so that you fully understand what is required and what will be used during the job. With safety a major concern, we also go over a safety plan with each of our clients. 

Number Three icon  Check contractor credentials.

Holding some of the highest industry certifications in Asphalt Paving, we are proud to share them with our clients. Certification include: Techniseal Applicator, National Concrete Masonry Association Segmental Retaining Wall Installer (NCMA SRW), and ICPI installer.

The fact that we hold the certification says that we care about what we do and we want to always do it the industry recommended way. We strive to continue to meet national industry guidelines for our profession .

Number Four icon  Asphalt contractors should have a few options.

Whether you are updating a driveway, patio, or installing a concrete retaining wall, to protect your property we are here to provide the right asphalt paving service for your need. In addition, maybe you have a parking lot that needs a fresh seal coating, we do that too. What ever the paving project may be, we have the industry education and experience to provide a product that will have your neighbors talking. 

Five icon Make sure your paving contractor only uses the highest grade materials.

Corestone makes sure to only use the best materials for asphalt paving. We know that our reputation is on the line and don't take that lightly. We proudly use premium grade materials so that our clients can reap the benefits for years to come.